How many kinds of light box cloth?

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A knife scraping method of light box cloth: knife scraping method of light box cloth process is liquid PVC slurry with a number of anti-scraper evenly coated on both sides of the base cloth, and then through the drying process to make it fully combined into a whole, and then cooling forming.

It is characterized by strong permeability resistance, tensile resistance and peeling resistance. Because the knife scraping product is a whole, so that the peeling phenomenon can be eliminated, and through welding can make the strength of the joint is greater than the product itself. At present, this process of light box cloth width can reach 5 meters. Due to the complicated production process and expensive production equipment, such products are mainly imported in the Chinese market and the price is relatively high. The most representative products are German Ultralon, South Korean Uniflex and Belgian Sioen.

Two, calendering method light box cloth: calendering method is PVC powder and liquid plasticizer and other raw materials are fully stirred, after the pressure of high temperature hot roller, bonded into a whole with the base cloth.

It is characterized by good surface smoothness and even light transmission. It has advantages on the lighting cloth. But limited by equipment, the width is generally not more than 3 meters. American 3M company developed 645 and 945 two kinds of light box cloth are produced with this process; Another Korean LG company developed Le Xi light box cloth is also a representative of this kind of technology.

Three, affixed legal light box cloth: affixed legal light box cloth is the upper and lower two layers of PVC film, through heating, under the pressure of the hot roller and the middle of the light guide fiber mesh together, cooling forming.

It is characterized by excellent inkjet ink absorption and strong color expression. Therefore, with the rise of large printing for employment, but also to this kind of light box cloth has brought infinite vitality. At present, the market share of this kind of light box cloth in China has exceeded 70%.