PVC drainage pipe construction specification

Editor:Zhejiang tianchang plastic co., ltd. │ Release Time:2018-10-29 
1. Before the pvc drain pipe is connected, the buckle of the pipe and the socket of the pipe fitting should be cleaned first, and the depth of the socket should be measured, so as to mark accordingly.
2, in the application of adhesive, should first coat the mouth, after the application of the socket, should pay attention to whether the coating is uniform, the right amount.
3. The pipe should be aligned and inserted into the lined portion and rotated 1/4 turn.
4. If there is excess adhesive at the interface of the pipe, wipe it clean.
5. Pay attention to the cutting of the stuck pipe to the cutting of the interface curing pipe. Take the appropriate length of the pipe and cut it with a hand saw or a machine cut. Keep it as flat as possible after cutting, and use a butterfly to remove the edges and chamfer to ensure that it is not too big.