What are the main properties of PVC tarpaulin?

Editor:Zhejiang tianchang plastic co., ltd. │ Release Time:2018-10-29 
What are the properties of PVC tarpaulins? The tents and tarpaulins can be used for rain, heat and cold protection. Therefore, such products are required to have certain performance.
Considering the various uses of tarpaulins, the general requirements that should be met are:
(1) Light weight, easy to fold, easy to handle
(2) High strength, wear resistance and long service life
(3) Waterproof performance and breathability, inner side anti-condensation water
(4) Acid and alkali resistance, mildew proof, anti-corrosion
(5) Good weather resistance, flame retardant and fireproof; (6) No wicking effect, no moisture conduction phenomenon.
Tarpaulins generally require a "three-proof" function. It is waterproof, fireproof (flame retardant), and mildewproof.