CPVC Power Supply Pipe Security Guidance

Editor:Zhejiang tianchang plastic co., ltd. │ Release Time:2018-10-29 
(1) CPVC power pipe pipe installation
1. CPVC power bushing standard fixed length (6 meters) pipe configuration pipe pillow 3 pay, the pipe pillow spacing is 2.0m, the pipe pillow is 0.5m away from the joint.
2. The CPVC power sheathed pipe can be manually carried out, and the ground personnel will transfer the pipe to the construction personnel at the bottom of the tank. Never pipe the pipe to the side of the groove.
3, CPVC power sheath tube length adjustment, can be cut with mechanical tools, the cutting cut should be perpendicular to the tube pillow axis, and should be smooth and flat.
(2) CPVC power sheathed pipe connection
1. The connection of CPVC power sheathed pipe is connected by socket or interface.
2. The surface of the CPVC power casing should be marked with the insertion length. After the pipe is inserted into the socket, it is necessary to confirm whether the insertion mark is in place.
3. Before connecting the CPVC power sheathed pipe, the soil outside the pipe socket and the inner surface of the rubber ring or other attachments should be removed to facilitate connection and prevent water leakage.
(3) Backfilling
1. The trench complex soil should be carried out after the acceptance of the pipeline concealed project. The filling should be timely to prevent the pipeline from being exposed for too long and causing losses.
2. The CPVC power sheathed pipe must be backfilled with soft soil.
3, backfill should be manually filled into the ditch, mechanical backfill is strictly prohibited.
4, backfill quality, must meet the design requirements of the compactness requirements.